A Brief Introduction

Hidden River Cave is located directly beneath the City of Horse Cave in south central Kentucky.

The cave which is now operated by the American Cave Conservation Association, was once the source of drinking water and hydroelectricity for the City. The cave was also commercialized from 1912 through 1943. Groundwater pollution from domestic and industrial sewage was one of the factors which led to the cave's closing in 1943. For 50 years Hidden River Cave was used as little more than an open sewer. In 1989 a new regional sewage treatment system developed by the Caveland Sanitation Authority corrected the problem.

The American Cave Conservation Association relocated their national headquarters to Horse Cave in 1987 with the goal of restoring Hidden River Cave and establishing a museum and educational center at the site. Today, thousands of tourist visitors and school children annually tour Hidden River Cave and the American Cave Museum at the cave's entrance. The cave, which has been called "the greatest cave restoration success story in the United States" is now open year-round to visitors.

Outreach Programs

Educational Programs

Outreach If you can't come to us, we'll come to you! Our education staff can present a variety of programs at your school, library or church. Outreach Programs are $75.00. A second program at the same location is available for an additional $65.00. Mileage charged for programs outside of a 35-mile radius of Horse Cave, Kentucky. To schedule or inquire about program availability, please contact the ACCA at (270) 786-1466.

Bat Rehab

Joe Forsythe is an environmental educator with the American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA). He is in the process of establishing Kentucky’s first Bat Rehabilitation Center in conjunction with the ACCA. His knowledge is surpassed only by his passion to educate others. This vitally important work is preserving these underappreciated animals. Visit his website at http://www.rehabbats.com

Group Tours & Events

For students of all ages, scouts, summer camps, and youth groups. Base price is $6.00 which includes a 1-hour walking tour of Hidden River Cave, an American Cave Museum scavenger hunt, and a discussion about bats and the White Nose Syndrome (WNS). Please add $1.00 per person for each additional program. Length may vary according to group size. There is a 10-person minimum for all educational programs.

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